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Dinner Auction 2021

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Who would have thought a little over a year ago we would all be in the midst of this pandemic? At the beginning, most of us thought it would be a few months and things would return to “normal.” None of us ever could have predicted what the year ahead was going to look like. I think we can all agree we are grateful 2020 is behind us. Unfortunately, the problems that came with 2020 are far from over and we are seeing those struggles carry over into 2021. Our call to be of service has never been stronger. Our community is in great need. They need our help. We need your help. We need each other. We can only get through this together.


 Although we were saddened to have to cancel our Annual Dinner Auction, it was the right thing to do not only for the safety of our guests and volunteers, but we cannot in good faith ask our neighboring businesses for their donations when they too are struggling. This is our time to show up. Our Fund-a-Need campaign has always had a grass roots feel to it – the bare bones basics. The essentials of what one needs to merely survive.


But the people who come to us don’t want to just survive.

They want to thrive. And we want to help them get there.


What has been different for us at Vincent’s Community Outreach this year is that we have not only seen a drastic increase in the number of people coming to us in need of food and support for their family, but we have seen families walk into our doors that have never had to ask for food before – working families who lost their jobs who have never been faced with the struggle, burden, and humiliation of going hungry and not having enough food for themselves or their children. Just this year – one mother in particular came to us in tears with her two teenage boys. She said she had never been in this position before where she had to ask for help just to put a meal on her table. BUT…because of the support of people like you, we were able to send her and her boys home with a week’s worth of groceries. 2021 has taught us to keep giving, keep helping, keep doing what we at Vincent's Community Outreach do best – remain faithful to our mission.


   So we humbly ask you again this year – to stop and think about the many blessings we have and how we can help those who are struggling. Let’s work together to increase the number of families we can serve in our food pantry, let’s help more single mothers have clothes for their children, let’s give out more meals at lunch and dinner and let’s keep living a life of service and providing the most basic and fundamental of human needs – food, water and clothing. Please remember these needs are ongoing. 

Your 2021 Fund-a-Need donation is 100% tax deductible.


Please see below examples on how you can help make a difference in someone’s life this year:

  • $50 Bus tickets for 20 people, round trip (inner-city)

  • $100 Sponsor one Senior in our Christmas Program (gifts & cart of groceries)

  • $250 Full-size mattress & bed frame for one person (new)

  • $500 One month’s rent for an individual in low-income housing

  • $750 Provides laundry assistance for 50 families for one month

  • $1,000 Utility assistance & groceries for a family of four for one month

  • $2,500 Rent, utility assistance, and groceries for a family of four for one month

  • $5,000 Updated software and learning materials for children in our After School Tutoring Program

  • $10,000 Feeds 1,000 people Thanksgiving Dinner



Any donation over and above these amounts help further our mission, Enriching Lives and Serving People.”

We thank you so much for taking the time to reflect on our mission of service and how your donation will be able to greatly help someone in need and impact their life and the life of their family. We hope that 2021 continues to bless you and we look forward to the time we can be together again - soon and in person.


Please click below to make a secure donation    


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