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Vincent's Community Outreach


Board of Directors

VCO Mission & Values-Vincent’s Community Outreach (VCO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving and assisting low-income and homeless individuals in the inner city of St. Louis, MO. Due to the ever growing demand in the city of St. Louis, Vincent’s Community Outreach (VCO) was launched in 2012 to support individuals of all faiths and backgrounds to the mission of providing community outreach services and programs.


The VCO provides a formal structure to support the generosity and commitment to the mission of providing hospitality services and programs tailored to assist individuals from low-income and homeless backgrounds.


Vincent’s Community Outreach operates as a 501 c3 non-profit organization.  The VCO relies on the generous donations, gifts in kind, grants, staff and volunteers to deliver meals, food pantry, lunch window and after school tutoring services in St. Louis, MO.  Although a relative young non-profit organization, its mission and values are deeply rooted and embedded derived from “social ministries funding” and operations dating back 175 years.  Through the “social ministries funding” and various volunteer programs, the people of St Vincent DePaul Church provided the needed support and service to both individuals and neighborhoods struggling with poverty and homelessness.


Members of the Board


Father Ed Murphy, CM

President of Board of Directors


Joe Berry


Dennis Turek


Sheila Burton

Board Member

Gary Cason

Board Member

Jane Kraus

Board Member

Dennis Wells

Board Member

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