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Vincent's Community Outreach

**Covid 19 Update**

Since we typically welcome our seniors to play bingo and eat lunch in the Parish Hall, in order to keep our Staff, Guests, and Volunteers safe, COVID19 restrictions will not allow us have Senior Bingo at this time. We look forward to serving our seniors in the future. 

Senior Bingo

Seniors from St. Louis city join us on Thursdays for Bingo.  Doors open at 10:00am.The cost is $1/person which includes lunch and bingo.  No need to register, just show up!  Guests who win Bingo can choose from a selection of prizes on our prize table.

Serving our community

Senior Bingo.jpg


Senior Bingo Participant

Playing bingo here is the highlight of my week! Me and my friends always look forward to getting a chance to play bingo,

eat a delicious meal, win prizes, and have fun every Thursday.


Each participant is served a well rounded meal including a salad, main course, dessert, and coffee, tea, or water to drink

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