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Vincent's Community Outreach

**Covid 19 Update**

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak, in the interest of public health, we have changed certain processes in relation to volunteering for our Suds of Love Program. Please Click Here to check with our volunteer coordinator, Pat Poehling for more information. 

Suds of Love

Our Suds’ washers are once again spinning at Vincent's Community Outreach, and our clients are thrilled! So much has stopped in these tough times, but their laundry needs have not.

We’ve returned to the laundromat with some significant changes in how we handle the evening. While we no longer go inside the laundromat, and our small group of volunteers all wear protective gear, we do get to touch base with our guests outside. As they head into the laundromat, where the staff puts in the detergent and coins, we give out masks, sanitizer, share stories and offer encouragement. It’s been like a homecoming for all of us.

We now also offer laundry kits to guests who come to the parish once a month. It’s nice to offer our "Suds" program to those who need our services outside of our laundry nights. Our "Suds of Love" laundry program started so that everyone can have the dignity of wearing clean clothes.  We have around 45 several struggling families who depend on our financial assistance and physical support in assisting them with their laundry each week.   The Suds of Love takes place at the Soulard Laundromat. 

Since 2019, we have given $20,000 in laundry assistance.  The average contribution from donors to this program is about $600 a month. Each load takes around half an hour, which gives us plenty of time to get to know our guests better. There are around 30 volunteers, some whom come each week, but new volunteers are always welcome. There is only one thing amiss, being able to come together with our whole "Suds" community. Since the pandemic, everyone has missed our wonderful volunteers, but we know that their prayers and support have guided us through this journey and we now look forward to when we can “celebrate” doing laundry together again. Our clients are appreciative to have clean clothes and bedding. We have always known the needs of our guests, even before this pandemic, but being able to offer this once again reminds us of how clean clothes offers a sense of dignity and hope, especially during these dark times. 


If you are interested in volunteering or getting more information about this program, Click Here to email Mary Hermann, the co-coordinator of Suds of Love.  

Serving our community

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Suds of Love Participant

I am a veteran and I live on a very tight budget. Sometimes a couple dollars spent on laundry could mean medicine or food I can't afford. This program is a lifesaver for me

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 Sister Jackie Toben, SSND, talked with a guest named Larry.  "I'm just a laid back hippie."  Larry is a self-described peace-loving Army veteran who grew up in the 1970's.  Today he lives "here and there" and has overcome several tough times, but he survived.  "You have to have faith in God," Larry said.  "He's not going to give up on you.  I came this close to death many times, and I'm still here.  That's God.  That's faith.

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Suds of Love Participant

I'm a single mom of 3 kids and I work two jobs. The Suds of Love program gives me one less thing to worry about. Once a month we get washing soap, dryer sheets, and coins for the machine. You all have been such a blessing for my family.​


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